Weld Seamer
  Wind Tower Steel Manufacturing          
Tandem SAW Linear and OD/ID Circumferential Welders

AMET has developed digitally controlled, multiple weld head, multiple wire feed SAW and GMAW solutions for Steel Fabricators.

Systems include seamless integration of Joint / Height Tracking, and Flux Delivery / Vacuum systems.

Proven Performance - A proven history of providing "world-class" automation solutions and support to meet your critical manufacturing requirements now, and in the future.

Complete "Turn-Key" systems:

  • Single or Tandem Wire Process.
  • Single or Multiple Weld Heads.
  • Circumferential, Longitudinal, and Flange Welding Stations.
  • Continuous Root to Cap welding.
  • Integrated Laser height and joint tracking.
  • Integrated process monitoring and data acquisition.
  • Precision Industrial Manipulators and Turning Roll sets.






  Advanced Control
A single controller provides a easy to use interface, for programming and control of all welding motion, flux delivery, and multiple Lincoln Power Wave supplies.
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