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GTAW Seam Welder


Linear Seam Welder :

Seam Welders are used to provide high quality welds with low distortion on linear weld joints.


  • 100% penetration weld capability.
  • Eliminate or reduce tack welding necessity.
  • The chill shunt effect reduces the distortion warping and oxidation of the weld and heat affected zone, resulting in better part appearance.
  • Single Point Power Distribution.


  • Wall Thickness: 0.5 to 10.0mm (.020 to .375")
  • Travel (machining) Accuracy: +/- 0.4mm per 3 meters (.015" per 10 feet) in unclamped position.
  • Pneumatic Clamping generates up to 75kg/cm (5000 lb/ft) clamping force.
  • Carriage Drive: precision gear rack and pinion gear.
  • Diameter Capacity: 600 to 7200 mm (24" to 283").





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Models Available:

  • LSW - Linear Seam Welder
  • LSW-P - Precision Linear Seam Welder
  • LSW-PI - Precision Internal Seam Welder
  • LSW-PC - Precision Combination Seam Welder
  • LSW-PFS - Precision Flat Sheet Seam Welder
  • LSW-PE Precision Elevating Seam Welder
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