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10 Ton CWL - configured for Tandem GMAW








Industrial Lathe - configured for open root gmaw on sched 40/80 Pipe

Drastic increases in production and quality can be achieved by replacing a manual pipe welding process with an automated lathe. Sched 40/80 Pipe, and Components can be open root or butt welded per ASME specifications. With synchronized headstock and tailstock, and Lincoln Pulsed GMAW technology, continous root to cap welds are performed in 3-5 minutes. Without any Tacking !



  • Servo Synchronized Headstock and Tailstock.
  • Mechanical Oscillation for precision weaving.
  • Pneumatic tailstock extension for part clamping.
  • Mulit-pass welding for continuous root-to-cap welding.
  • Direct Lincoln ArcLink integration to PowerWave GMAW/SAW supplies.
  • Optional multi-process for dual gmaw/saw or gtaw/gmaw.
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