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Dual GMAW Valve Bonnet Welding Station
Synchronized GMAW Lathe for open-root pipe welding

Usually performed in rugged industrial environments , with high strength, and high chemistry weld requirements, welding applications for the Oil & Gas Industry are challenging. AMET manufactures complete GMAW, SAW, and Hot-Wire GTAW systems for pipe welding, vessel manufacturing, valve and flange joining, cladding and hardsurfacing applications.

Precision welding automation ideal for Welding Control / Documentation / Certification:

  • Coordinated Motion for complex part geometries.
  • Multiple Process (GMAW and SAW for example).
  • Advanced Graphical Weld Programming Interface.
  • Integrated Data Acquisition and Tolerance Checking for Quality Assurance.
    gmaw_sample_weld   gmaw_open_root