Weld Seamer
Nuclear Welding Applications

AMET has designed and manufactured turn-key welding solutions for Nuclear Applications since 1990. We specialize in Precision Tooling, and Precision Controls for our customers advanced manufacturing process, and component alloys. Weld Equipment and Controls integration to atmosphere.

  • Turn-Key systems with most all welding process.
  • Custom design and manufacturing with optimized alloys and materials.
  • Multiple Process (GTAW and PAW for example).
  • Advanced Graphical Weld Programming Interface.
  • Integrated Data Acquisition and Tolerance Checking for Quality Assurance.
Check out our new Narrow Gap Tandem Saw Weld Head
  360 Degree Narrow Groove, Thick Section Pulsed GTAW with joint seam tracking and adaptive penetration control.      
Precision GTAW X, Y, Z Weld Head with Custom Rotary Fixture.