Weld Seamer
Narrow Gap Welding - Tandem SAW


Narrow Groove thick section SAW welding is desirable for certain Vessel, Boiler, manufacturing processes.  AMET has designed an automated Narrow Groove Tandem SAW Weld Head.  Designed for a maximum welding capacity on a groove depth of 350mm.  Integral to the process, is a precision tilting drive unit for both lead and trail wire that allows for the programmable, or joystick positioning, of each wire to either sidewall.

Specifications: Read more - Brochure

  • Non-conductive torch body for lead and trail torches.
  • Maximum Groove Depth – 350mm.
  • Head Width 13mm. 
  • Individual Precision Tandem Torch Tilting.
    • Servo Motor Control with Precision gearbox.
    • Adjustable range – 3 Degrees Inclusive.
  • Precision X-Z weld head motion controls.
    • Horizontal stroke – 150mm.
    • Vertical stroke – 450mm.
    • Precision Servo Controls for automated standoff, and seam tracking controls.
  • 2-axis Wire Straighteners.
  • Flux Delivery nozzle, hopper, and mounting.
  • Flux recovery nozzle assembly.
  • Angle setting device for adjustable cross-seam tilt of entire weld head.  Adjustable range 3 degrees inclusive.
  • Wire Distance setting – adjusting range 30mm. 
  • Tandem torch aligning device, controls weld head Roll and Yaw.
  • Tandem 25Kg Wire Spool Mounting and Conduit.
  • Tandem Wire Feeders and adjustable mounting.
  • Adjustable Camera mounting arm.
  • META Laser Sensor adjustable mounting arm for standoff control and cross seam tracking.


AMET NGT-1 Tandem SAW Narrow Gap Torch




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