Weld Seamer
    Manipulators - Column and Boom              




Standard column and boom manipulators are used to locate a weld head to a desired position for welding in a stable and secure manner.

Available with our Advent, XM, controls.

  • Ability to maintain weld head over weld joint in a stable position .
  • Ability to have multi-weld stations using only one weld head, increasing return on investment.


  • Boom Weight capacity: 225 Kg (500 lbs)
  • Boom drive: Gear rack and pinion drive.
  • Boom Motor: AC Motor, adjustable speed.
  • Column lift mechanism: Chaain drive and gear box.
  • Column drive motor: AC motor, fixed speed.
  • Free Standing Rotating Base: allows 360 degrees of column rotation.
  • Safety device to prevent boom from falling if chain shoould fail.
  • Cable carriers for proper cable management.