Weld Seamer
Welding for Aerospace Applications
  AMET has designed and manufactured turn-key welding solutions for Aerospace Companies since 1992. We specialize in Precision Tooling, and Precision Controls for our customers' advanced manufacturing process, and component alloys.
  • GTAW with AVC, Pulsation, AC/DC, Variable Polarity, etc.
  • Variable Polarity Plasma Keyhole for high strength, thick section Aluminum.
  • Coordinated Motion for complex part geometries.
  • Multiple Process (GTAW and PAW for example).
  • Advanced Graphical Weld Programming Interface.
  • Integrated Data Acquisition and Tolerance Checking for Quality Assurance.

AMET is a proud Supplier of Automated Welding Systems in support of NASA manufacturing excellence, research and development.
Precision GTAW Lathe for Combustion Chamber components.
Commercial Aircraft, Aluminum and Titanium components.