Weld Seamer
Welding for Energy Services
Turbine Exhaust Flange PAW Station
Dual Weld Head SAW / GTAW Generator Hard-surfacing Station








Energy Industry companies require precision tooling, and often advanced weld control process'.

Systems include seamless integration of Automatic Voltage Control, mulitple weld process', hotwire GTAW, synchronized pulsation, adaptive penetration, laser seam tracking, etc.

Proven Performance - A proven history of providing "world-class" automation solutions and support to meet your critical manufacturing requirements now, and in the future.

  Advanced Control
A single controller provides a easy to use interface, for programming and control of all welding motion, flux delivery, and multiple Lincoln Power Wave supplies.

Complete "Turn-Key" systems:

  • Single or Multiple Process.
  • Single or Multiple Weld Heads.
  • Integrated Hotwire GTAW.
  • Integrated Data Acquisition and real time tolerance checking.
  • Integrated Laser height and joint tracking.
  • Systems integration to third party tooling.